Missmelodys' new oc. Ignore my first one.Edit

Name: Maggie (no one knows her last name)

Age: 14

Parents: Disappeared

Current Home: Gravity falls forest

Powers: Telekinesis (eyes glow white when she uses her power)

Hair color: White-blond, very long (below waist). She also has very pale skin

Eyes: Normally dark grey. see "powers" 

Height: around 5' 5"

Face: a light dusting of freckles

pets: Sometimes Gompers

Fears: The people from the boarding school are going to catch up with her and take her away

Faults:  Sometimes uses her powers for the wrong reasons (such as stealing food) may talk without thinking

Good points: Can be nice if you get on her good side, can act pretty well (to get people out of bad situations)

Voice:  Light, soft, but can be tough, almost like Luna Lovegoods' (from Harry potter) voice

Clothing: An old grey band t-shirt and tattered blue jeans, with black hightops

Personality: Secretive, because she doesn't want anyone to find out about her powers. She wishes she could have friends, but they "cause problems".

Childhood: Maggie spent most of her childhood in a secret goverment boarding school with a bunch of other kids with powers. She managed to escape when she was 12, then made her way to the quietest town she could find: Gravity falls.

Now: She goes to the mystery shack sometimes, because her place in the woods is close to the mystery shack. She met Dipper once, and he is the only one who knows about her powers.


friends cause problems. I try to avoid them.

When Dipper saw Maggie using her powers: WHO.ARE.YOU?!?

Note: I do not have a picture for Maggie, but i could sure use one. Feel free to draw one, if you want. I will give the artist credit on this page :p

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