Age: 20 years

Lulu Ticks is not a loonatic. In fact, she's probably the most normal person in town after Tad Strange...except for her obsession with dream interpretation. She can spend HOURS up in her house, analyzing a dream about a duck in a desert! To the rest of the town, that could be considered crazy! Okay, so she's a little weird. But she's not evil, and her heart is in the right place. If the Pines twins or Stan ever come her way with a problem, she'll do her best to help.

She's a little bit shorter than Wendy is. She has shoulder-length strawberry blond hair and dark blue eyes. She usually wears a sky-blue T-shirt (with the V-neck: what Pacifica says goes when it comes to fashion!) and skinny jeans. (She likes to think that she can pull off the skinny jeans look better than Robbie, but ultimately, beauty and fashion are in the eye of the beholder!)

And speaking of eye...she is obsessed with Bill Cipher, the master of dreams and the mind, to the point that she might have a yandere crush on him. (But she'll never admit that to his face! ...maybe...) If only he'd give her the time of day (or at least visit her more often in her dreams!).

Lulu has lived in Gravity Falls for half of her life. She moved there shortly after her tenth birthday with her father. Although she and her dad don't get along that well and frequently butt heads, they do love each other very much.

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