Check out my DA to find out more about me,I can't get a photo on here..

Summary:Katy Pines is Dipper and Mabel's 13 year old cousin who is also from California.She was sent Gravity Falls the previous summer and knows how to navigate her way around the strange town.Cautious and a klutz at times,but she is ready for a adventure with the Mystery Twins!

Appearance:5.4,long brown hair

Wears:Red Pine Tree hat,red tee-shirt with black and white dog,green shorts,white socks,gray sneakers


Likes:Animal (Dogs are the best!),solving mysteries with Dipper and Mabel,video games,outdoors (really a nerd/not girly)

Dislikes:People being mean to her and her friends/family

Family:Mom,Dad,Cousins:Dipper and Mabel,Grunkle Stanley,Grunkle Stanford,Grandpa Shermie

Pets:Border Collie named Maxwell and Guinea Pig named Phineas

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