Babies - Season 1- Episode 3 "The Aliens" (Part 1)02:22

Babies - Season 1- Episode 3 "The Aliens" (Part 1)

An episode of the animated web series, "Babies", of which Jim is a main character in


Jim Bonaparte

James, "Jim" Bonaparte is an Original Character in Gravity Falls RPs, and is also the main character on the animated web series, "Babies", on YouTube.

He is an evil baby who is 5 months old, and took control of the world, alongside the rest of the babies in the world, for a brief period of time. He enslaved everyone in the world over the age of 2. 


Jim is considered an enemy, and a menace by the population of Gravity Falls, as he attempted to murder teh Pines Family, and worked for Gideon Gleeful. He appears to be friends with Gideon, and resided in jail alongside him.


Jim is very goofy, silly, and stupid. He is an optismist, and looks at the bright side of things. He means well, but instead causes mass harm, and has a button pressing habit, and is unaware that he is hated by all, and his only friend is Computer Baby.

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