Hazel was born in New Jersey. During her childhood, she got into a car accident, which killed her mom, and left her traumatized. She seems to be silent and sensitive on the outside because of that. When she was ten, she moved to Gravity Falls, Oregon. There, she met Daniel and Danielle, the Stark twins. She is the current holder of Book 1, which she found in a cave. She has a pet dog, Oddity, and a pet bird which went missing.


Hazel can be stubborn, childish, ignorant and rude a bit, but once you get to know her, she is a really kind, sweet, but a bit loud. She has a loud voicw, which only the people she trusts know, because, on the outside, she's really quiet. Her catchphrase is : "Well, that's what SHE said!" She has an alter ego: Carissa Carter, whose personality is rude and anobbish, as she acts as a spy dor the Pines twins on Pacifica Northwest.

Hazel Veronica Parker


Hazel Veronica Parker

Other Names

Carissa Carter (alter ago), Mazel, Heyzel, Math dork, smartie, Cryptogirl, Hazie, Azel, Iona




Oddity, Tarte


Bill Cipher, the Pines twins, the Stark twins, Aria Birch, Pacifica Northwest


Bubbly, anooying, curious, mature, childish, determined, silly


To claim the throne to be the queen of energy, to gain her physic abilities, to become Venice's sister fully


Hazel, when not in her alter ego, has long black hair, which she usually ties in a high ponytail, and if not, lets it down. She wears a blue and white varsity jacket, white shirt, blue tulle skirt, knee high blue socks and black boots.

As Carissa, she wears a short red wig, with the sides braided, green eyeshadow, a light green jacket with black collar, dark green shirt, blue denim skirt, white knee high socks with two green stripes, and black booties. 




"I doubt that she'll take it."


"I... Can't... Eat... NUTS!"

"Well, whatever you say, gorilla."

"Um, yeah, about that..."



Hazel is allergic to nuts.

She had a pet bird that she named Tarte.

She has a birthmark on her shoulder in the shape of the number 4.

She loves to bake.

If you ask her a question with an answer she doesn't know, she'll automatically say I. Don't. KNOW!

She loves to sing. Her voice is classified Althos.

As Carissa, she and Spencer Hills (Aria) love to prank people.

She speaks French, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Tagalog, and Spanish.

She wears glasses.

She is the half sister of Venice.

She is Bill Cipher's niece 

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