Elizabeth history: elizabeth was always just a laid back girl but that all changed one day when she something she couldnt understand she followed it being intrested it lead her to a cave knowing she was there once in the cavern it attacked her she felt diffrent alsudden she took a piece of stone and stab the creature in its gut not being afriad she started using skills she never knew she had eventully she came out on top standing on top she decied it was time to figrue out the sercets of gravity falls and she knew one pearson that seem not too ordanriy the home of myths the mystery shack * cue the gravtiy falls music* 

family: she is related to the author of the journals she holds sistrey relation ship with wendy she condiser her family

personatily: she is very sarcatisc making jokes left and right but she very easyily handle against a fight against a monster and has some deticve skills

apperance: she wears some skinny jeans and a shirt with a coat tied around her waist an has two pickaxes attached to her coat to use

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