Devon is an ordinary kid who used to live in Alaska but moved to Oregon, but ran away to Gravity Falls. He has had 5 foster parents and ran away from each of them, eventually taking himself to Gravity Falls. He built himself a robot friend named Book-o at the age of 7. Eventually finding his way to the Mystery Shack, and quickly making friends with Soos and Mabel(but gets a little annoyed with Dipper). He bought himself parts and has a strange knack for building things, which most people call a "Hephaestus blessing".

At the age of 10 he became a local to Gravity Falls, until his foster parents arrived to take him back. He barely escaped, with Dipper, Mabel, Book-o and Soos' help. From there he respects Dipper.

He enjoys building, talking with Book-o, reading, and going to the Mystery Shack.

He dislikes the Tent of Telapathy, money(because he thinks that it's pointless), and Gnomes.

He used to have a pig named Frolick, and every time he sees Waddles he is reminded of him.

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