once trapped in the mindscape for 5 years he some how got bill's power he is learning to control them

  • he is 14 years old
  • he is half korean and half american
  • his eyes are like bills but yellow
  • when he is sad his eyes turn blue
  • when he is mad his eyes turn red
  • he is hyperactive
  • he wears a spiderman t shirt,black shorts,grey socks,nike shoes and a dead pool mask he wears it like a winter hat
  • his parents are dead
  • he once killed a person by accident
  • he can use his powers in our world and bills
  • he is immortal
  • he has anger issues
  • personality: kind,shy,and brave
  • height:5.8
  • fear:bill
  • likes:video games, his friends , food:music
  • dislikes:bill and gnomes
  • friends:dipper,mabel,soos,wendy,and stan
  • quotes
  • see you in hell oh wait i can't die
  • don't you now I'm loco
  • bill said in gravity falls trust no one well i'm starting to ignore that

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