Darky is main character in The Gee season 1, he is an ancient dark dragon made by a part of the Great Dragon that has fallen into Oblivion in the beginning of the universe.


He is first appear in The Quest Begin as a illusion ball to communicate with the Scarne at Cloudtower. He can control anybody that has a dark side in his soul. He also has 6 monsters working for him. His goal is to take over the universe but first he has to destroy the Spirits of the Magic Dimension (it is the only thing that is overpower him) to gain success.

Monster minionsEdit


The Skretchary has a body of a lizard, octopus tentacles, a scorpion tail, two bat wings, a tiger arms and a bird legs with eagle eyes and a snake tounge. It can only die for three times. It is Metany's favorite monster.


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