Daisy is a character who bill has trapped in his dream world. However daisy managed to escape and explore the real world as a young angel. One day mable finds daisy in her ghosyly angel form wandering around the mystery shack, Mable,being mable charms the angel and becomes her friend. Mable brings Daisy to dipper, well because mable thought she was AWSOME!Dipper wants to know all about what shebis scense its not in the book... A few of Daisyes traits are that no one can see her except for the twins and Other monsters, and Daisy has a crush on dipper. she is very shy and caring to every creature, big and small. She is very secretive about her life and being before she met dipper and Mable, this makes Dipper curious.


Real species:unknown to everyone except her

Recent form:angel

Daisey is white from wings to hair,she has two gold rings on each of her arms, she has pail peach skin, and emrald gray eyes

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