Catian is a Royal Felodice, from planet Meoic-7. He came to earth to hide from the space police. He is a wanted criminal in most parts of the Galaxy for blowing up a planet during a glactic meeting. 

A normal Felodice only has a few powers, but a Royal Felodice has all the powers a Felodice could have. He is one of the last Royal Felodice in the gallaxy. He came to earth as a cat, and gained trust with Dipper before he showed him his true form. Catian has 4 phyisical forms: 1. Human, 2. cat, 3. Felodice, 4. Enraged form. 

Some of Catians powers include:

-Blue lightning zap

-Red lightning zap

-Green ray (makes trees grow)

-Bodyswap beam

-Water beam

-Fire blast


-Cat ray (turns people in to cat)



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