Cara Cipher is a dream-demon, but in the end, she seems to be good.​Edit

  • In 1984, Cara was seen for the first time by Stanford in his dreams. 
  •  She' was looking like Bill, according to the author.'
  • 'The author wrote in his diary about it, but, nobody knows why, pages were found destroyed near his bed, the next day.'     
  • 'Besides Bill, she had another power. She could be a human.'
  • ''Only Stanford could see her, a'''nd guess what, her weak point was him.' 
  •  Even if she was Bill's wife, Cara had a weakness for Stanford. He was just a simple man, but a man who could know so much about this mysteryous city, this...Gravity Falls!                
  • She has not been seen since 1984. Even if only he could see her.
  • She helped Stanford, but subtle.
  • She was happy ... until Bill found everything.Yes, Bill knew everything. But not everything!She was stronger than Bill so he decided to destroy her.
  • She was destroyed just a few months before Stanford's disappearing..
  • Nobody else knew anything about her.

 ==                         FUN FACT: When she turned to a woman and went to the Mystery Shack, Stanley and Stanford argued for her.==

Tumblr nqbtm0Szs41shmu09o1 1280

Possible photo of her drawned.

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