Bast is McKenna's (From The Secret Solvers) pet cat. She always seems to cheer McKenna up when McKenna is down. She is Managen's crush and goes on all the mysteries The Secret Solvers go on. She got her name because McKenna's best friend Alexia knows a lot about the egptain gods and goddess. And Bast is the cat goddess. So since Bast is a  female cat McKenna and Alexia named her Bast.


Bast is a ginger cat with green eyes. She is a short haired cat. Bast wears a golden collar with a pink bow and two designs: a magnifying glass and a short haired cat.


Bast is a sweet, bluby, and kind cat. She hates to see McKenna sad, and hurt. If you mess with her or McKenna she'll throw a hissy fit and claw you.

Allies: McKenna, Drake, Tyler, Managen

Enemies: Anyone who hurts her or McKenna

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