Character: Asonte


Asonte is a young Spellcaster that lives a few miles out of gravity falls. He usually visits the falls to work as a janitor in the mystery shack or hang out with his friends. He's usually reading his spellbooks and practicing magic spells, But other than doing that, he hangs out with his friends and sometimes performs magic shows with REAL magic. 


Character Info

Full Name









Mystery shack (Janitor), GFHS (Gravity falls high school)

Special abillities/Powers

Spellcasting, Magic


Mabel, Soos, wendy, Ron (OC), Love god, thomson,Grenda, Candy, Max (OC), Jackson (OC), Annie (OC)


Dipper, Stanford, Bill C., Giffany,


Magic, Spellcasting, Playing video games, hanging out with friends,Defeating monsters,Listening to rock music,Dubstep,Being neat, Winning


Fake magic, Working, going to school,Dating simulators,Dirty things/Places, betrayal, Losing


Early life: During the early years of life, Asonte was just an ordinary boy who lived in San Francisco . He attended a normal school and was of course, picked on and bullied alot, But decided to just ignore people and act like they dont Excist. But soon he started having strange dreams about going to a world full of magic and adventure and fightng monsters and stuff like that. Soon he discovered that he wasn't  dreaming at all when he woke up one day to see a spellbook on his bed with a not attached to it saying, "Take good care of this book, Only use its power for good and dont let anyone read it. Its for your eyes only" 

Life In Gravity Falls: Asonte is usually in gravity falls because his school and job is there, But outside of that he's usually hanging out with his friends, Ron, Annie, and Jackson, Hanging out with wendy's Friends, Or putting on alittle magic show for everyone. He dosent really like his job (Other than the fact that he's in the mystery shack) due to the place being dusty and old.



Personality Edit

Asonte is usually nice and friendly, But can be very serious sometimes. He's very humorous and likes jokes but isnt really good at making them.. He likes keeping things neat and hates dirty things and places. 

Appearance Edit

Asonte wears a green shirt with a pocket that has a question mark on it, Light tan Cackies with a question mark keychain, And a hat that says "Janitor" on it.


  • Asonte likes to cosplay as Soos
  • Asonte keeps his spellbook with him at all times
  • Asonte Is very good at playing video games
  • Asonte dosent like people trying to look through his spellbook
  • Asonte can be very suspicious as times
  • Asonte is not really into dating after the giffany incident
  • Asonte is a fan of the "Love god's" music


  • "Aw snaps!" - Said when someone burns another person
  • "Sometimes life... Just gives you lemons"- says that when someones upset
  • "Fira!"- Says that when using fire magic
  • "Heals.."- Says that when using healing magic
  • "Dang it! Im outta juice!"-Says that when he runs out of magic
  • "Freeze!"- Says that when using Ice magic
  • "That all you got??"-Says that when taunting enemies
  • "Come at me bro!"-Says that when fighting
  • "UUGH, WORK IS SO BORIIIIING"- Says that when bored at work

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