Adalyn Ventora could be considered a normal, perfectly sane 15-year-old. Passive-aggressive,  paranoid, monster hunters are normal, right? Adalyn likes to call herself Addie, and she tends to fuss over silly things. She is a strict follower of the 'eye-for-an-eye' belief. 


Addie is tall and tanned, with short whitish-blonde hair ending just before her chin. Her nose is similar to the Unnamed Pointed Nosed Womans, though it's stumpier. She wears a slightly oversized worn out brown jacket over a white tank top with a black anti-possession symbol on it. Her blue jeans have many useful pockets, and she alternates between black formal shoes and tennis shoes. She will occasionally wear teal cat-eye glasses. 


She grew up with her mother in California until she was thirteen, when she was sent to live with her grandparents for unknown reasons. She quickly ran into many different monsters, thinking they were kind until a sea monster destroyed her grandparents's home and killed her grandmother. She quickly went from monster lover to monster hunter. 


She does not forget, and she certainly doesn't forgive. She has an inflated superiority complex, a tendency to not care about others, and a firm belief in the term, 'An eye for an eye'. She hates the water and everything in it. It takes a while to befriend her, and even after that she'll be a jerk to you.

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