Accalia is a new arrival to the dinky town of Gravity Falls. She and her family have come there as a means of salvation for their 'oddities' and hope to find peace in the newfound town they will learn to call home.


Born to a family of werewolves Accalia has been taught the ways of secrecy and trusts little to no one but her pack. The women of her family, she included, suffer from disabilities in varying degrees. Her Aunt Adalwolfa is blind, her mother is mentally disabled, and Accalia herself has to wear hearing aids due to a serious deficiency in her inner ears. The males, however, do not have such ailments and are the 'patriarchs' of the Dire family. This is all because of incestuous ties among members of the family in the Beginning Days of werewolves; wolf-men and women did not want to 'mingle' with human bloodlines. Accalia, as she is not as severely pained, is qualified to be the clan's matriarch; as any alpha should be able to hunt for meals and take care of their own pack in times of need. She does not wish to be an alpha, but as it is for her family, she'll do it.



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