Character InformationEdit

Full Name: Olivia Todd Other Names: Liv, Olive, Livy

History: Olivia has always lived in Gravity Falls. She was originally friends with Wendy because their families were friends. When the twins moved here she instantly took a liking to them. She became friends with Mabel first but became friends with Dipper soon after. She went on many adventures with the twins.

Personality: Olivia is a very bubbling person. She can be sarcastic at times but is very nice. She likes making jokes and petting cats, she loves cats. She also is obsessed with video games. At some times she can come off as very shy but once you get to meet her she won't shut up.

Fears: spiders ; the open ocean ; the unknown/the dark ; not being accepted

Appearance: Olivia has very curly dirty blonde hair. She has grey blue eyes and a little button nose. Some people might say she is a little chubby and she's okay with that it's not her fault she loves food.

Birthday: June 15

Pets: A white cat named Pumpkin because she got her near Halloween.

Alliance: best friends with Pines twins

Goal: To have a fun summer

Family: Mother, father, older brother and sister

Friends: Mabel; Dipper; Wendy; Soos;

Acquaintances: Stan; Robbie; Nate; Lee; Tambry Thompson

Enemies: Gideon; Pacifica ; Bill

Likes: Solving mysteries with Dipped ; being stupid with Mabel ; CATS ; talking with Wendy; making jokes with Soos; playing video games

Dislikes: People who don't like cats; Gideon ; Robbie ; people who can't take a joke ; Pacifica

Powers: none

Fate: yet to  be revealed...

Quote: undecided[[Category:OCs

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