Brooke Oakwood is a "young", girl that resides in Gravity Falls, Oregon. Though she may seem normal, she is VERY strange, a few secrets here and there..

But mostly strange.

Backstory / PersonalityEdit

  • Brooke Oakwood lived on Gallifrey, just like anyother Timelord, though, when the Timewar began, she sacrificed everything to save her family. She saw horrible things, burning buildings, and even her own familys death. Before she was crushed by a falling telephone pole, she snuck into a TARDIS, escaping the horror that had fallen upon her beautiful home land. She still has nightmares every now and then, but, she dosn't sleep very often, though, the horrors of her memories still follow her around, every day..
  • Brooke's personality, at times, can be VERY mature. Though, every now and then, she likes to joke around with friends. Though, when she gets pushed to far, she'll snap, she gets SUPER serious, she can go back in time, make it so your parents never met, make you never born. So please, don't make her mad!

Appearance / RelationshipsEdit

  • You could say Brooke is about as tall as Dipper, about half an inch shorter. Though her appearances have changed over the years because of regenerations, she has been stuck with this one. So, her newest regeneration gives her short brown hair, bright, and beautiful, hazel eyes. A cozy black turtle neck under her favorite bright green jacket, (that she wears ALL the time). She has skinny jeans, and black converse, along with a set of black glasses.
  • Brooke has made very few friends in Gravity falls, her two closest friends are Mabel and Dipper pines, while Trey (Owned by Unown), is her boyfriend. Sadly, when Brooke and Trey met, Trey was a ghost, that could only be seen by certain people. At the time, Brooke had created a potion that made her a pegasus, and, Trey drank some too. But, Brooke was able to change back into a human, sadly, Trey couldn't.

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