Brad Falls has seen the 3 books and knows every mystery of Gravity Falls. He has managed to find Stan's secret lair (Tourist Trapped!) Brad returns to G.F every summer to see what mysteries are there!

The findingsEdit

In 1999 he went when he was a young child he saw the books being hid. He followed the hider and saw the M.S. but as he saw what was there. He found Stan's secret combonation to find the lair at the vending machine. The story starts every summer and ends on 20th August every year.....

How he got envolvedEdit

In 2012 he went to the mystery shack and saw Dipper and pulling out the book. Brad got lead into suspicion from this and ends up envolved with the Pines. 


Brad keeps 3 other look a like journals with every mystery and monster in them. This means Brad knows every thing about Gravity Falls! Dipper and Mabel have never seen/ found Brad. Brad hides so he can spy to find out what Dipper finds out. Because 1 wrong page or look all hell will be unleashed from the book.

Books 1,2 and 3 seen/ made look-alikes
Hometown Charleston
Date of Birth 19/08/1996
Socity Book Holders
Names Spy,The key and Brains

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