Agatha Cerone, or "Aunt Aggie" is Laurilye's Aunt, who tends to baby her niece and doesn't understand her niece's dark thoughts.


Aunt Agatha tends to be very cheery, which causes her and her niece to have an uneasy relationship, but they do get along. Aunt Aggie also tends to get very worried and careful, such as saying "Oh Sweetie-Pie! Where have you been? Bryce and I almost called the cops! But, your safenow, you shall be saaaffffeeee." After Laurilye got lost in the woods.


-She has a pet cat named Lady Pepperdoodle Blossom Von Yum Yum.

-She likes cute petnames, especially for her niece, such as,


Honey Bunchkins,

Honey Bunches of Oats and Yumminess

Sweetie Pie


Cutie Wutie Muffin Pie


Little Cocoa Creamies

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