Full name

Andrei Cloudaway

Other names and nicknames

Super Andrei, Cloud Knight,



Inspired by

User:Super Revenger 98


Fighting, mysteries, friends, nature, parties


Gideon, Robbie, Scarne, Darky

Special Abilities

Controlling clouds, using different cloud abilities


Chillax everyone, everything's going to be fine.

Andrei is the main character of The Gee and Darwin Revenger's cousin. He is one of the guardians, the guardian of the cloud. His special Guardian weapon is a big white boomerang that shoots cloud abilities. He has a horse which he rides on, named Cloudrei Ride. Like Darwin, he is very smart and is very friendly and has a good touch for nature. He is a master of throwing boomereangs,he likes to be a adventurer but his old friends love him in a Cupid costumes and of course he hates dressing up as a cupid in Valentines Day. Andrei is usually seen with a shirt colored like a cloud.

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