Full Name: Abrianna Oak Nick Name: Anna (pronounced: Anne-a) Age: 12 and a half Relatives: Wendy Corduroy (cousin); Corduroy Boys (cousin); Manly Dan (uncle) Friends: Wendy, Mabel, Dipper, Stan Pines, Soos.

Foes: Lil' Gideon, Bill Cipher, Pacifica Northwest

Abrianna Oak.

Crushes: Dipper Pines


Abrianna Oak is one of many Wendy's cousins from the Lumber Mill upstate. She has a secret no one knows about, but should be revealed when she comes to visit Wendy for the rest of the summer. She has a little crush on Dipper that no one knows about. Basically, she has a lot of secrets no one knows about.


She's shy when meeting new people. But she's outgoing once she gets to know them better. She loves the taste of action and adventure. She can be calm at times.


She appears in Haileytheheroine's Fan Fiction series on Gravity Falls Wiki and on Gravity Falls RP Wiki. Parts: •2 (Description)

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