A Bad Weather Day

Ep. number

Season 1 episode 11 (111)

Written by

 Super Revenger 98

Air date


Last episode

The Detention of Monsters

Next episode


A Bad Weather Day is the eleventh episode of the Gee.


Candy was with Darwin in the forest when they suddenly got kidnapped by the Scarne. So the Scarne's new plan is to make the weather bad, since they know that Darwin can control weather and use Candy to kidnap Mabel so they will get the water dragon power. The rest of the Gee and Guardians finds a potion that will make Darwin and Candy back to normal and save Mabel before her power being taken by the Scarne and Darky.

In the B-Story, Andrei got a letter from a mysterious man and he tried to find out who he is.

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